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       Bill Tunnicliffe is a multi-talented Writer/Director/D.P. who has worked on virtually every type of media. A graduate of NYU Film, Bill started out in New York shooting music videos, high fashion, and commercials. After moving to LA, Bill shot and directed films and television series focusing on action and highly orchestrated stunt work. He has shot high speed chases in cars, boats, motorcycles, and helicopters - with explosions, martial arts, and knock your socks off thrills.

        Bill has worked closely with a variety of talent, including Tom Hanks, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie Leigh Curtis, Dennis Hopper, Pierce Brosnan, Peter Graves, Howard Stern, William Shatner, Iman, Chris Sarandon, Cindy Crawford, Elle MacPherson, Jared Leto, D.J. Qualls, Anna Nicole Smith, Ice T, Selma Blair, and Tim Stack.

        Bill created, wrote, directed and shot the comedy pilot “Dumb Criminals” for CBS. He has shot and directed two major action series, “LA Heat” for TNT, and “Team Knightrider” for UPN. He has shot and directed second unit for major studio films like "Highway", with Jake Gyllenhaal, and "The New Guy", with D.J. Qualls. He directed Howard Stern’s comedy series “Son Of The Beach”. He regularly shoots and directs segments for OPRAH, and ABC’s emmy award winning newsmagazine shows, “Eye On LA” and “Vista LA”. He also covers the video game scene for G4’s series, “Electric Playground”.

       As a writer, Bill has sold several feature scripts and he continues to work as a script doctor. His produced scripts include the theatrical release “Under Cover of Darkness” and the TV movie “Crash and Byrnes”. Bill’s script “Head In The Sands” was optioned for Mayhem Pictures and Revolution Studios. His screenplay trilogy “Vamps” was sold to Chickie The Cop Productions. His feature project, “Saint George”,  a large scale medieval film, is in development with Mayhem Pictures for Disney. Bill’s newest project, “Skatecross”, an exciting new combination of traditional feature filmmaking and streaming media, is currently in pre-production.  Bill also recently optioned a script for Pixar, through Humphreys Productions, that will introduce a unique new form of 3D animation.

        Bill is a pioneer in the world of digital media. His innovative digital video work has been featured in Videography magazine. The DV documentary which he shot for Showtime, “Outwitting Hitler”, was the first DV documentary ever shown on a major U.S. network. He has shot two other DV feature documentaries, “Out Of The Blue” for Showtime, and “Deaf Jam” for PBS.

        Bill’s short films have won many awards. His short satire “Political Posture” was nominated for an Academy Award, and aired frequently on HBO. His Christmas short “You Better Watch Out” airs on Showtime. Bill wrote, produced and shot the children’s video, “Cowboys On The Job”, which is rated one of the Ten Best Kid’s Videos by TV Guide.

        Bill recently formed TalkingHedz, an exciting new production company for streaming VideoBlog Diaries and for creating new forms of internet based media.

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